Indian Burgers Halal

692 Dumbarton Rd, Thornwood, Glasgow, G11 6RB

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£5 min. order

Note: <strong>Allergy Awareness: Dishes may contain traces of dairy or nut products<br />

Please ask the restaurant directly for any other allergens</strong><br />

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<strong>Orders over £20 should be paid online. For such orders, please leave your number in the comment box.</strong>

Indian Kitchen Specialities

Indian curry dish

Rice not included

Nepalese Kitchen Specialities

Nepalese Street Food (Snacks)

served with Sauce

Nepalese Curry Dish

Rice not included

Select Your Curry Dishes. 

All available in vegetable, chicken or Lamb

Available from 4.00pm till 7.00pm seven days a week

Please note any order plcaed via online or telephone after 7pm will be rejected

Salt & vinegar, salad & sauce

Available all day

Available all day 

Available all day

Oven Baked Potatoes

Chips, cheese & meat

Served with lettuce & mayo

Salt & vinegar option available for chips

Pickled onion 30p, pickled egg 60p

Served with salad & sauce (sauce or salad separate 25p extra)

Fried mushrooms, onions or peppers 50p extra

Extra tub of chilli, garlic or pakora sauce 50p extra

Chips come with salt & vinegar option

Served with salad & sauce

Cheese on the chips 80p extra

Subject to availability

Stone Baked Fresh Dough with 100% Mozzarella Cheese 

Thin crust or deep pan

Extra toppings available

Any dishes Upgraded to Madras or Vindallo hot +50p

Fresh Dough 100% Mozzarella

All tandoori sizzlers are marinated, then prepared in a clay oven. Served with rice, salad & curry sauce

Mixed in basmati rice delicately flavoured with spices & garden peas. Served with curry sauce

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