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199 Alum Rock Road, Birmingham, B8 1NJ

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Note: Flavour journeys, all day, every day inspired by the voyage and legend of Chai Green. Our dishes blend British classics and street food loved from Karachi to Kolkata. Picture perfect, plenty of zing and perfect for sharing, no matter what time of day you stop by.

Three freshly laid egg omelettes made to order

Originating in Poland, bagels have taken over the world as the perfect alternative to sandwich. Perfect for any time of the day, and any kind of filling

Created in Mumbai and named after a famous cricketer, our Frankie rolls are served with fresh salad and a vibrant green chutney

Spicy, tangy, salty, sweet, crunchy: Chaat has it all

Our twist on the tex mex classic

Signature Curry Bowls

Fresh ingredients blended with our signature house recipe really gives the flavour of the South Asian cuisine. Served with Paratha, rice or Fluffy Puri

Whether you're in Kolkata or Karachi, you'll never be far from a street cart making and cooking their own patties, served in a brioche bun and our special burger sauce. About as different as you can get to your regular burgers, but totally delicious

Baked to perfection, and wrapped in Lebanese style flat breads, garnished with pickles and garlic sauce

Who doesn't love fries? That's why we have so many here

There are some days when you want to sip on something a bit special. Try one of our mocktails or our ultimate indulgence with a milkshake

We're really proud of these! You'll never guess they're made from tea. Refreshing, fruity and tastebud tingling

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