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Champs Cafe, promises a commitment to culinary excellence which is showcased in every bite. Embracing the essence of traditional and wholesome dining, we take pride in presenting a diverse and hearty breakfast menu that caters to every palate. At Champs Cafe, we elevate the breakfast experience by baking our own bread, sourcing premium butchers' bacon and sausages, and utilising organic produce. This commitment to quality ensures that our food embodies the authentic flavours and goodness of days gone by. Join us for a breakfast that not only satisfies your cravings but also reflects our dedication to delivering food the way it used to be and should be.

Elevate your morning ritual with the exquisite Breakfast Baps at Champs Cafe, where each bite is a celebration of premium ingredients and artisanal craftsmanship. Envision sinking your teeth into a warm, freshly baked bap enveloping the rich flavors of our carefully selected butchers' bacon, sizzling sausages, a perfectly cooked. For those embracing a plant-based journey, our Vegan Beyond Meat Sausage Bap is a delightful alternative. Immerse yourself in the goodness of our homemade bread baps, thoughtfully crafted to deliver a symphony of taste and texture. Customize your bap experience by adding any other tempting item.

Welcome to Champs Cafe brunch offerings, a celebration of diverse flavors and culinary creativity. From the rich and indulgent to the fresh and invigorating, our brunch menu promises a delightful experience that caters to every taste. Join us for a mid-morning journey that transcends the ordinary, as we craft dishes with care and a touch of culinary artistry. Whether you're in the mood for something hearty and satisfying or a lighter, refreshing option, Champs Cafe invites you to discover a world of brunch delights that will elevate your mid-morning moments.

Experience the excitement of our Daily Delights! Every day, we curate a special selection of dishes that promise a fresh and flavorful journey, crafted with the finest local ingredients.

Discover a world of flavour at Champs Cafe with our lunch menu. From hearty meals to refreshing options, our thoughtfully crafted dishes cater to diverse tastes. Indulge in a midday dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary, featuring high-quality ingredients and culinary excellence. Join us for a lunch that satisfies every craving.

Explore our Lunch Cold Counter, offering an array of cold fillings crafted from our organic fresh produce at the deli counter. A homemade sourdough bap, accompanied by our signature salad, ensuring a delightful and flavorfull lunch experience.

Delight in the exquisite flavours of our premium hot sandwiches, meticulously crafted from responsibly sourced, top-quality butchers meat at our carvery counter. Elevate your experience with a homemade sourdough bap, while our signature touch of premium Welsh butter adds a velvety richness that melts in the mouth, ensuring a truly extraordinary and indulgent wholesome meal.

Indulge in our Organic Baked Potato Delight – a culinary masterpiece that elevates the humble potato to new heights. Immerse your senses in the perfect blend of crispy golden skin and a light, fluffy interior. Served with a choice of mouthwatering toppings

Indulge in our enticing array of snacks, offering a variety of crisps, chocolate bars, and loaded protein bars. Treat yourself to a guilt-free delight with our selection of sugar-free options, or savor the decadence of others for a truly indulgent experience. Whatever your preference, our snack offerings cater to every craving, making your visit to our counter an irresistible treat.

Indulge in the rich heritage of our cafe as we present our in-house homemade cakes and cookies, crafted from a cherished family recipe that has gracefully traversed two generations. Straight from our Nanna's recipe book, each sweet creation is a testament to tradition, meticulously prepared with a commitment to quality. Made exclusively with the finest natural and organic ingredients, these delights invite you to savor the authentic flavors and experience the heartfelt warmth passed down through the years.

Quench your thirst with a refreshing selection of cold beverages straight from our fridge. Explore a tempting array of options, including bottled and canned drinks, energy-boosting options like kombucha, and protein shakes. Indulge in a cool and satisfying experience as you discover the perfect beverage to complement your meal.

At Champs Cafe, our exceptional organic coffee and teas stand as a testament to our commitment to responsible sourcing. We take pride in ensuring that our coffee and teas are ethically and sustainably obtained, guaranteeing that farmers receive a fair wage for their exceptional products.

Champs Cafe has collaborated with Mario's Ice Cream to provide our customers with the best Organic ice cream. Mario Dallavalle is a third-generation ice cream maker who has combined his Italian heritage with the finest ingredients to produce luxuriously indulgent dairy ice cream.

With over fourty years of experience in traditional ice cream-making techniques, Mario ensures that all his milk and double cream are sourced from the lushest Welsh pastures. One of the secrets behind his multi-award-winning luxury ice cream is the best milk and cream from local family farms… not to mention a little Italian passion thrown in for good measure.

His secret method of aging overnight results in a subtle texture and unsurpassed flavor, hence the multiple awards won. Enjoy this exquisite ice cream at Champs Cafe!

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