Chapati Junxion

Indian Kebab Halal

5A Pegler Way, Crawley, RH11 7AE

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Note: For any allergies & intolerances - please speak to staff

Terms & conditions: Crawley £1 delivery charge (minimum order £12), Crawley Down, Horley, Pease Pottage, Gatwick, Handcross £2 delivery charge (min order £25). Smallfield & Turners Hill £30. Management reserve the right to refuse service/entry without reason

Cooked with chicken, prawn & lamb

Desi dishes.

Kashmiri home-style cooking

Hot & spicy

Served with coleslaw, olives, cucumber, lettuce, onions and tomato.

Served with rice & naan

Served with mixed vegetable curry

All our curries are served in large containers

All desserts are frozen

All burgers served with salad & choice of sauce


Served in pitta bread with salad & choice of sauce

Served in fresh naan or tortilla with salad & choice of sauce

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