Charcoal Chicken

Indian Chicken

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Note: Food allergies & intolerances: Before ordering please speak to our staff about your requirements

All served with salad & sauce except popcorn chicken & chicken hot shots

Naan Kebas

All served with salad & sauce

Flame Grilled Gourmet Chicken Burgers

Served with salad & mayo on a seeded bun

Flame Grilled Beef Burgers

All served with potato wedges or fries or salad

Flame Grilled Wraps

All wraps are made using soft tortillas, iceberg lettuce & mayonnaise

All wrap meals are served with fries & drink

Traditional wings in your favourite flavour & grilled to perfection.

Served with salad & sauce

Please mention how you would like your steak cooked: Rare, medium OR well done

Served with 2 rotis OR Naan, salad & sauce

Served with roti OR naan, salad & sauce

Served with rotis or nan, salad & sauce

Served with salad & sauce

All kids meals are served with fries, orange juice, salad & sauce

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