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Kebab Burgers

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Cheddar and mozzarella cheese with our special pizza sauce

Chunks of juicy pineapple and strips of luscious ham

Mushrooms and ham

A wicked helping of double pepperoni and double mozzarella

Lashing of crispy bacon with strips of ham and sliced mushrooms

A delicious chicken feast. Diced marinated chinese, tandoori and bbq chicken with tender strips of roast chicken

Tuna, prawns, sweetcorn and mushrooms

Sauasage, mushrooms, crispy bacon and fresh tomatoes

Ham, american sausage, pepperoni and spicy beef

Tandoori chicken, donner kebab, onions and tomatoes

Ham, pineapple, bacon and mushroom

Red onions, pepperoni, red peppers, mexican chicken, green chillies and sundried tomatoes

Crispy onions, mushrooms, sweetcorn, green peppers and fresh tomatoes

Crispy onion, sweetcorn, green pepper, black olives, fresh tomatoes, fresh green chillies, homemade gralic and herb sauce

Roast chicken, chinese, bbq and mexican chicken with jalapeno peppers and chopped onion

Spicy mexican chicken, red onion, red peppers, roast chicken and jalapeno peppers

Garlic, jalapenos, sliced tomatoes, chopped onion and green pepper

Spicy beef, american sausages, mushrooms, green peppers, onions and pepperoni

Mega meatballs, sweetcorn, onions, crispy bacon, pepperoni and mega hot jalapeno peppers

Deluxe bbq chicken, diced and marinated with bbq sauce. Topped with meatballs, onion, sweetcorn, crispy bacon and pineapple chunks

Chinese chicken, lamb shish, onion, sweetcorn, crispy bacon and green chillies

Chicken, ham, bacon, onion, green peeper, pineapple, pepperoni and double mozzarella

Choose your own toppings

Cheese, tomatoes, freshly cut doner meat, onion and green pepper

Tomatoes, chilli base, cheese, freshly cut kebab meat and jalapenos

Cheese, tomatoes, blended green chillies, freshly cut kebab meat and chicken doner

A unique pizza dough base smothered in our exclusive butter made with fresh garlic and herb

All burgers are served in a bun. Add bacon for only 1.00 extra

Seasoned minced lamb grilled on an upright spit

Minced seasoned lamb, skewered with peppers, onion, herbs and salad

Marinated fillets of chicken charcoal grilled

Mixture of doner, shish kebab, chicken kebab and chicken doner

Chicken specially seasoned, grilled on an upright spit

Marinated diced lamb charcoal grilled

Marinated fillets of lamb charcoal grilled on a skewer with peppers, onion and mushrooms

Add cheese for only 1.00pound

New. Marinated fillets of chicken tikka charcoal grilled on a skewer

All combo kebabs are available in wrap as well

Choose from the exciting flavours below

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