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Indian Pizza

26 Main Street, Barrhead, G78 1RE

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Note: If customers order "Teatime" meal deal they have to inform the restaurant in the comment section of their order if they would like to receive it with rice or naan bread.

Allergy Advice:

If you have any allergies please ask for ingredients in the dish before you order. The management reserve the right to refuse to serve any customer - meals may contain nuts

Freshly Baked Pizzas

Extra toppings available

Stuffed crust pizza only available in 12" extra £4.00 charges

10",12", and 18" Pizzas stuffed crust not available

Charcoal Flames Grilled Burgers

All suppers are served with chips

All meals are served with chips & juice

All Burgers come with cheese, salad and sauce on top

All burgers buns are seeded

Nando's Style

All served with peri peri chips

All served with active juice and chips

Fish Bar

Let us cater for your special occasion

A lightly fried chapati topped with your choice. Fairly sweet & sour taste. Can be served with side salad only, if you ask for it

Specially made for vegetarians

Don't forget to order rice, naan or chips to make your ideal meal perfect

Enjoy your cosy evening at your own home with our tastes biryanis in the world. Served with separate curry sauce

It takes your Indian curry to the next taste level. Everything is cooked to authentic recipes, every ingredient is carefully selected by our super blaster master chef to bring out the best flavours. Rice OR naan included

Eat your favourites at your own home. Here is a selection of age-old popular & favourite curries, now specially prepared in our unique curry style. All these dishes are carefully prepared with fresh ingredients, spices & herbs. Don't forget to order rice, naan or chips to make your ideal meal perfect. Rice or naan included

All tandoori meals served with rice, salad & curry sauce

All kebabs served on freshly baked small naan bread with salad, sauce or garlic mayonnaise on top. If you need salad or sauce separate, please let us know. ( salad or sauce separate on your kebab will be charged at 70p extra each)

Please ask if you want your kebab served in pitta bread no charge for pitta bread...

You can get any kebabs on garlic or cheese only £1.80 extra

We have special chef for European dishes

Rice or naan included

You know!!

Baked potatoes are good for health

We only do large jackets

Extra toppings are available

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