Cheam Tandoori

Indian Curry Halal

52 Upper Mugrave Road, London, SM2 7AJ

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Note: If you have any food allergy, please ask us before placing an order

All mild dishes contains nuts

All tandoori dishes are served with green salad & mint sauce

Served with pilau rice

Hot, sweet & sour with lentils (pathia without lentils)

Served with mixed vegetable curry

Spicy mild with almond nets

Cheam Tandoori Special

Breast of chicken

All chicken dishes can be cooked with chicken tikka for an extra £1.00

All lamb dishes can be cooked with lamb tikka for an extra £1.00

Spicy Dishes

Vegetable Side Dishes

All the vegetable dishes can be served as main dish for an extra £1.00

Our special house recommendations for set meals

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