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Baked Potato Category: Customer Information

Any cold topping used for baked potato will make the baked potato little bit cold. We will not accept any complaint with cold topping. Thank you

Popular dishes made from basmati rice, cooked in butter ghee with your choice of lamb, chicken of prawn and spiced up with Punjabi cooking staples such as cloves, cardaman, cinnamon and coriander, as well as almonds and raisins.

Served with regular fries & a can of soft drink. Peri peri flavours : spicy, mild OR lemon & herb

Served with salad & sauce

Extras are available

Served with fruity juice

Extra sauce available

Served with choice of sauce

Extra sauce tub available for £0.30 each

Served with sauce

Extra tub of sauce available for 30p each

Extras are available

All toppings are 100% halal. Extra toppings are available

Extras are available

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