Chicago Pizza & Balti Bazar

Pizza Indian

54 Harrogate Road, Leeds, LS7 4LA

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For customers in LS17, in the areas of East Keswick, Bardsey and Harewood it will £4-5 delviery charge payable on delivery

All our pizzas are freshly baked using 100% mozzarella cheese, tomato savoury sauce, fresh ingredients & Italian herbs.

All burgers are served with fries & salad.

All speciality dishes are served with either 3 chapatis, pilau rice or boiled rice in large containers.

All classic curries are served with 3 chapatis, boiled rice or pilau rice (except biryani).

All served with salad & chilli sauce.

All served with salad & chilli sauce

Freshly baked baguette filled with cheese, salad, mayo & choice of one of the following fillings: bolognese, cheese & onion, chicken tikka, chilli, garlic, sausage, ham, pepperoni, prawn, salami, chicken, donner king, donner, tuna & sweetcorn, tuna, apna style, spicy beef spicy

Served with fries, fruit juice & lollipop

Chicken breast with bechamel sauce, cheddar cheese & breadcrumbs.

All served with chips & salad. All full size.

All served with fries & a can of Pepsi

Served with salad, mayo & chilli sauce.

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