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Dinner combos featuring your Chicken Shop favourites

The New Volcano Range - A Habanero hot AF sauce to set your tastebuds on fire

Nothing compliments fried chicken and fries better than a smooth, sweet milkshake. Go on, you deserve it!

Experience our best-selling burgers, all featuring juicy chicken fillets with our unique doublecrunch coating

Hungry? Double up on our best-selling burgers with two juicy chicken fillets in our unique doublecrunch coating

Tender fillet strips with our unique doublecrunch coating, perfect for dunking into our handcrafted sauces and dips

Crispy chicken wings as a side or a main, perfectly glazed in our handcrafted sauces and dips

Go little or go large, our brand new wraps will pimp up your lunch

Ideal for lunch, or those times when you're craving the crunch but on the lighter side!

Our signature burgers are also available with a delicious plant-based fillet.

Team up your main event with the perfect side-kick!

Pimp your meal with our incredible sauces, handmade by us


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