Chicken Pizza Halal

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Experience pizza perfection with our freshly prepared hand made dough and a medley of juicy, fresh ingredients that elevate the taste to new heights. Treat your taste buds to a symphony of flavours, as each bite promises a delightful journey through the essence of quality and craftsmanship.

All kebabs served with salad and choice of sauce

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"Indulge in the ultimate crispy delight with chickxy fried chicken. Our signature blend of spices ensures each bite is bursting with flavor, while our perfected frying technique delivers that irresistible crunch. Whether you're craving a classic snack or a satisfying meal, chickxy fried chicken is the ultimate choice for chicken lovers everywhere."

Savor the explosive fusion of flavors with our Peri-Peri chicken, marinated in a tantalizing Mexican glaze. Choose your ideal sauce – whether it's a zesty lemon twist, an aromatic garlic infusion, or the intensity of mild, hot, or extra hot. Each bite is a symphony of taste, delivering a spicy and savory delight.

All Served With Chips and Fruit Shoot

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