Chilli and Pepper

Pizza Curry

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Note: All our ham is Halal Turkey juliene and we use Halal pepperoni, all our meal and deal drinks are sugar free, upgrade to sugary drink for 50p extra

Some of our dishes may contain nuts, eggs, etc. if a person has a food allergy please specify to our team or confirm at the shop

Started with new menu and new management.

Chilli peppers special starters

Classical pizza

Choose from thin base or deep pan

Comes with a very special pizza sauce & mozzarella cheese or choose the base of your choice: green chilli, BBQ base, spice BBQ base or garlic base

Stuffed crust and extra toppings are available

Chilli peppers specialties

All parmesans come with chips or salad, chilli or garlic

All wraps come with lettuce, chilli or garlic

All burgers come with lettuce, mayo or ketchup & chips

With chips or salad & chilli, garlic or mint sauce

Vegetable side dish & curry sauces

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