Chilli Chilli

Kebab Chicken Halal

201-203 Falls Road, County Antrim, BT12 6FB

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Note: Whenever you want to place an order just be informed that such items as mushrooms, peppers, onions or cheese come as extras, and they come with an additional charge, they are not free items. Minor menu issues that will be fixed as soon as possible!

Fancy something different? Chilli Chilli also offers another menu from these premises under the name of Valis Pizzaria

Any additional food items, placed in comment section will come with an additional charge

Served with salad & sauce

Extra sauces 50p cheese 90p

All kebabs served with shredded salad two sauces on it, separate sauce £1.00 extra each

All burgers come with dressing & salad

50p Extra for cheese

All wraps served with salad & dressing

Extra sauces £1.00 cheese 90p

All meals served with sauce & kids drink, sep sauce 50p extra

With pizza base

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