Chilli Hut

Indian Pizza

66 North Street, Stamford, PE9 2YN

Delivery from 17:55

£2.50 delivery fee

£15 min. order

Note: Please note: Some of our food may contain ingredients which are unsuitable for those who suffer from allergies

Please ask us before ordering to ensure your food is suitable

All served with green salad & mint sauce

Cooked with fresh green chillies

Very rich & spicy with green chilli, pilau rice or nan

Sweet, sour & hot, served with pilau rice

Biryanis are mixed with pilau rice, vegetable curry & garnished, served with either mild, medium or hot vegetable curry

Stuffed crust & pizza toppings are available

Add 80p extra for chicken breast

Fairly hot with coconut


With fries onions

Chilli Hut Specialities

With banana pieces

Chicken off the bone - very mild

Fairly hot

With pineapple, mild

With herbs and spices

Very hot

With tomatoes

With spinach

Sundries - Side Dishes


Add cheese for small 60p, medium 80p, large £1

Add cheese for reg - 70p, lrg - 90p

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