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Indian Pizza Halal

219 Stockport Road, Cheadle Heath, SK3 0RH

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Note: We offer 18" pizzas

Served with fresh salad & sauce on request

Served with fresh salad & sauce on request

All our pizzas are made with fresh dough mozzarella cheese. Specially prepared tomato sauce & fresh ingredient

Served with fresh salad and sauce of your choice, garlic naan for 50p extra for(no. 44-51) available on the next page. Special shashlik on naan kebab, marinated chicken or lamb tikka stir fried in a wok with onions capsicums & tandoori masala. For alternative naan 70p extra available on the next page (no. 35-43)

Served with chips, salad & sauce on request

Marinated in tandoori masala with delicate herbs & different mixes of spices & cooked on a charcoal fried clay oven. Served with pilau rice, vegetables, curry sauce, salad & yoghurt sauce. Extra 50p for alternative sauce

Mixed are served with chicken, lamb, prawn & mushroom

Cooked with fresh cream almonds, coconut, special spices & garnished with fresh coriander

Available with seasonal vegetables OR paneer (Indian cheese)

A biryani is made by gently cooking with special flavoured basmati rice together with a mixture of, mild spices. Served with an omelette & a vegetable curry sauce. 50p extra for alternative sauce

These dishes are one of medium consistency, spiced mildly but still maintaining a rich oriental flavour

Omelette dishes are served with chips

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