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Chilli Pepper Indian Takeaway are the winners of the Scottish curry awards for central Scotland 2017

Savoury Snacks

Chilli Pepper Specials

King Prawns, Chicken OR Lamb marinated in a yogurt base sauce spiced with our own freshly ground masalas with fresh herbs & cooked evenly on skewers in our clay ovens. All these dishes are served with basmati saffron rice, salad, curry & gravy of desired strength

A Further Selection

All chicken dishes are made with breast of chicken

Rice not included

Rice not included

Connoisseurs selection. Tandoori barbecue

Specialities include rice

All these dishes are prepared tikka style & cooked with fresh garlic, ginger & touch of mix pickle. A great tasty dish prepared & served in Balti to required strength. Including rice

All these Punjabi favourite bhunas are cooked with the choicest of ingredients blended with freshly ground Punjabi spices with peeled & grated fresh ginger & garlic in cumin seeds & butter a great tasty dish prepared in karahi style to required strength. Including rice

A great way to sample several recipes on our menu. There is a non vegetable Thali, a vegetable thali & a mix thali each containing three dishes of the day along with sundries (Saffron rice, cucumber, raita & chapati OR naan)

Rice not included

A royal dish of Moghul origin consisting of chicken, lamb OR prawn cooked with saffron rice. These dishes are served with curry gravy made to the desired strength

All served with French fries, fried onions, mushrooms & salad

Served with salad & sauce. Add extra cheese for 30p extra

Extra fillings are available

Served with salad, sauce & pitta bread. Extra pitta bread, extra naan & extra sauce are available

Hot Naan Kebabs

Nanamania can you imagine chicken tikka, lamb tikka OR mixed kebab served on top of a naan. Well, dig this!

Served with salad, sauce & pitta bread. Extra pitta bread, extra naan & extra sauce are available

Extra toppings are available

10" = Small, 12" = Medium & 16" = Large

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