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Chinese Oriental

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Stir-fried bean sprout & vegetables with selection of meat

Cooked with coconut milk, onions, peppers & pineapple; Red curry fruity & mild - green curry more herbs & stronger flavour

Battered balls

Hong Kong style

Deep fried crispy coating, cooked with pineapple, onion, pepper in sweet & sour sauce

All beef are 100% topside

10 Pieces

Malaysian sambal dishes

A popular Malaysian spicy dish with a hint of sweet & hot, cooked with onions, cucumber & peppers

Malaysian style kung po dishes

Cooked with peppers, fresh garlic, ginger & onions in a special Malaysian sweet & hot sauce

Malaysian Style Rendang Dishes

A traditional Malaysian dish consisting of meat cooked with coconut milk, chilli, herbs & vegetables. A rich taste with a hint of sweet & spicy

Spicy Peppery Dishes

A dry spicy dish cooked in chilli, onions & peppers in Chinese spicy herbs

The meat is deep fried then cooked with onions, peppers, mushrooms & garlic in a light chilli bean paste, with a touch of sweet & sour sauce

Cooked with chilli & garlic with a hint of sweet & sour

Canton dishes

Sweet with a touch of fruity taste, cooked with onion, mushroom & peppers

Chinese Omelette Dishes

Omelette & English dishes

Tender Steak Dishes

Marinated steak cut in small pieces & cooked in selection of sauces

Chow Mein Dishes (Noodles)

Stir-fried soft noodles topped with selection of meat in rich flavoured soy sauce

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