Choc N’ Nut

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68 Belgrave Road, Leicester, LE4 5AS

Delivery from 13:35

Blended with ice-cream and your favourite flavour topped up with whipped cream

Chocolate Bar Milkshakes

Blended with your favourite chocolate and topped with fresh whipped cream

Choc N' Nuts Special MIlkshakes

Blended with milk, ice-cream and your favourite flavour topped with pistachios and whipped cream and our finest flavoured juice balls

Combination of milkshakes

Blended with your favourite flavour with fresh mint and lime

Mojito is non alcoholic.

Healthy smoothie made from fresh fruit and juice

Ice drink blended with your favourite flavour

All of our waffles are served with Nutella, fresh cream and ice-cream finishing off with your chosen toppings

Any ice cream with waffles is 1 scoop of vanilla

Comes with 1 scoop of vanilla

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