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Note: Our food may contain or have come into contact with wheat, fish, soy, peanuts, treenuts, eggs, shellfish or dairy products. Please make us aware if you have any food allergies.

No Discount on Set Meals and Boxes

Choice from curry sauce, gravy sauce or sweet and sour sauce

Cantonese, Peaking, Szechuan £1 extra

Box includes: egg fried rice, plain soft noodles, chicken with sauce of choice , served with drink of choice.

Served with sweet and sour or curry sauce

Add Any Sauce Of Your Choice, Cantonese sauce,BBQ sauces, Honey Chilli Sauce,Peaking Sauce,Sweet & Sour Hong Kong,Kung Pao Sauce,Lemon Sauce,Orange Sauce.

Add Any Sauce Of Your choice,Chilli Garlic sauce Szechuan sauce,Satay sauce,Black Bean sauce,Chop Suey Sauce,Oyster Sauce,Pineapple Sauce, Mushroom Sauce,Ginger & Spring onion.

Enjoy our tender slow cooker lamb ribs. They're a hit for the whole family. Set and forget, then enjoy these delicious crockpot lamb ribs. Highly recommended.

These wings are marinaded in a generous mixture of ginger, garlic, salt, and pepper then deep-fried for a delicious crispy result.

Boiled Rice 80p, Chips £1, Egg Fried Rice £1

Extra £1.95 for any sauce, Satay, Chilli Garlic, Blackbean, Szechuan

A spin on the classic Chinese recipe, this Naga Spicy Chow Mein is jam-packed with bold flavours and has just the right amount of heat our tastebuds love. It is a hearty combination crunchy vegetables, noodles and in an extra-hot our homemade naga spicy sauce.

Including Chips

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