Chop N Shayo

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Rice Meals

  • Jollof Rice

    Basmati rice cooked in flavourful tomato broth. Served with coleslaw or plantain

    from £13.00

  • Fried Rice

    Delicious basmati rice cooked with chunks of meat, prawns and mixed veggies.

    from £14.00

  • Rice and Ayamase

    Basmati rice served with African green stew or designer stew and assorted meats (fish, beef and chicken)

    from £13.00

  • Rice and Stew

    Basmati rice served with tomato sauce

    from £12.00

Light Chops

  • Beef Suya

    Spiced, nutty, smokey, harred beef, served with onions, served with onions, tomatoes, and lettuce


  • Chicken Suya

    Grilled chicken wings smothered in spicy and flavourful peanut spice. Served with onions, tomatoes and lettuce


  • Lamb Suya

    Grilled tender lamb basted in peanut sauce. Served with onion, tomatoes and lettuce


  • King Prawn Plantain Chop

    King prawn, skewered with chopped plantains and peppers


  • Asun

    Very spicy roasted goat meat


  • Fried yam and plantain with turkey/chicken

    Deep fried yam and plantain. Served with an option of turkey or chicken and tomato sauce.


Light Meals

  • Peppersoup

    Spicy broth with cutlets of assorted meats are goat, cow strife, cow skin and cow foot.


  • Boli and Fish

    Mackerel basted in herbs, spices and pepper. Served with roasted plantain


  • Peppered Ponmo (Kanda)

    Cow skin cooked in chilli sauce, onion and spices


  • Peppered Snail

    Boiled snails sauteed in onions, tomato sauce, peppers and spice. Served with fried yam or plantain


  • Ewa Agoyin and Plantain

    Sweet beans served with peppered sauce, fried mackerel fish and plantain


  • Moi Moi (3)

    Bean pudding with fish, egg and beef fillings


  • Burger

    Beef Brurger served with fries


  • Grilled Fish - Fried Yam

    Grilled Croaker Fish served with plantain or yam fries


  • Fried yam and plantain with turkey/chicken

    Deep fried yam and plantain. Served with an option of turkey or chicken and tomato sauce.


  • Shawarma

    A delicious wrap filled with shredded cabbage, carrot, and chicken, topped with a whole sausage



  • Egusi

    Tasty mix of blended melon seed, leafy vegetables, stock fish and chunks of assorted meat. Served with garri or oat or pounded fufu


  • Efo Riro

    Green vegetable soup or stew flavoured with chunks of assorted meats and fish. Served with garri, oat, poundo or white rice.


  • Ogbono

    Blended African mango seeds mix in palm oil and cooked in broth. Served with garri, oat or poundo fufu

    from £13.00

  • Bitterleaf (Ofe Onughbu)

    A savoury mix of washed bitter leaf, peppers, stockfish, dried fish, crayfish and fish. Served with garri, oat or poundo


  • Afang

    Hearty soup of spinach and okazi leaves. Loaded with chunks of protein, served with oat, garri, or poundo fufu


  • Edikaikong

    Tasty and hearty soup of fluted pumpkin leaves and spinach loaded with assorted proteins. Served with garri, oat or poundo fufu


  • Okro

    Okra Soup, is a flavorful combo of tomato broth and crushed Okra. Served with Poundo, Garri or Oat fufu

    from £13.00

  • Oha Soup

    Made with Oha leaves, uziza, pepper, stock fish, dried fish and crayfish

    from £13.00

  • Ewedu, Gbegiri, Stew with Amala

    A combination of bean soup, ewedu and stew made with assorted meat. Served with Amala


  • Seafood Okro

    A delightful mix of okra, prawns, oysters, crabs and fish. Served with garri, oat or poundo fufu



  • Seabass and Chips

    Seabass basted with herbs, garnished with peppers, onion, and served with chips and tomato sauce


  • Isiewu

    A tasty dish of full Goat head, chopped in small pieces, tossed and mixed with local sauce. Can be eaten with any swallow.


  • Nkwobi

    Made with cow foot and local sauce.



  • Beef, Chicken or Fish


  • Rice


  • Plantain (Dodo)


  • Garri, Oat or Poundo


  • Moi Moi (1)


  • Fried yam

    Deep fried yam with sauce.



  • Coke 330ml


  • Fanta 330ml


  • Malta Guiness bottle


  • Nigerian fanta



Sunday 21 July 2024
I enjoyed the meal, really nice
Tuesday 16 July 2024
Friday 12 July 2024
Friday 12 July 2024
Sorry but I ordered chicken and jollof rice no flavour whatsoever possibly the worst jollof rice iv had and my chicken didn’t taste fresh at all was hard! Won’t be ordering from here again
Monday 08 July 2024
Guys the shawarma is a bang 💥 💯. Thank for the drink 😊❤️
Friday 05 July 2024
The ponmo sauce is giving 🥰I’m definitely going to buy again .. but reduce the pepper🌶️🥵
Friday 05 July 2024
It was so peppery so I could not enjoy it well but it was good and well seasoned
Wednesday 03 July 2024
Need more meat in jollof 13 for one wing of chicken and loads of rice
Monday 01 July 2024
The food was a bang 💥
Sunday 23 June 2024
Delivered as usual🤩❤️ My proposal still on the table

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