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Chopstix Noodle Bar Menu 


Chinese chicken curry - mild chicken curry with fresh vegetables.

Thai red chicken curry - red chillies and chicken make this a hot, spicy treat.

Caramel chicken - chicken pieces drenched in our ever so stickly caramel sauce.

Chicken in oyster sauce - stirred in the wok with flavoursome oyster sauce and fresh veggies.

Salt & pepper chicken - delicately spiced rock salt and black pepper seasoned chicken pieces.

Chicken in black bean sauce - stir fried chicken, onions and peppers in a rich black beans sauce.

BBQ chicken - marinated chicken pieces in our signature sweet and smoky BBQ sauce.

Sweet and sour chicken - a Chinese classic! Tender chicken pieces wok fried in Chopstix sweet and sour sauce.

Sweet chilli chicken - succulent chicken glazed in our sweet chilli sauce.

Salt & pepper potatoes - crispy coated potatoes shaken in our secret salt pepper mix.

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