Indian Curry

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**Awarded Best Takeaway in England at the 2018 English Curry Awards**

**Winner of the 2018, 2016 and 2014 English Curry Awards**

Consult a member of staff if you have a selective diet as most of our products may contain nuts or & dairy products

A selection of dishes created by our award winning chef's influenced by flavours found throughout the various regions of the Indian subcontinent

Britain's most favourite dish cooked in a specially created mild & creamy sauce which contains coconut & almond powder (sweet dish)

A very mild & creamy sauce with a hint of sweetness cooked with ground almonds & coconut powder (sweet dish)

A highly spiced dish, cooked with chopped green chillies & fresh coriander

Contains chilli & mustard

A highly spiced dish cooked with onions, green peppers & garam masala

Spicy dish garnished on top wth fresh tomatoes

Medium sauce garnished with green peppers, tomatoes, onions & coriander

Cooked with a generous amount of seasoned onons & a medum sauce

Medium spices with spinach

A sweet, sour & fairly hot dish cooked with lentils

These dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients & freshly ground spices & herbs

Medium dish with generous amounts of onions, tomatoes, green peppers & fresh coriander

Special balti spices with a touch of mint

Sweet, sour & fairly hot

Mild to medium dish cooked with pineapples 

(sweet dish)

Contains dairy & nuts

Medium dish cooked with green herbs & fenugreek, highly flavoured & fragrant

These dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients & freshly ground spices & herbs (hot)

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