Ci Ci Cabana Peri Chicken and Burgers

Peri Peri Burgers

9 Church Street, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B61 8DD

Delivery from 14:40

This delicious moist chicken has spicy marinade & it's known as the most healthy option for chicken eaters

Choice of flavour: Hot, mild, mango & lime or lemon & herb

Served with salad & sauce (as stated)

Add cheese for £0.55

Meal 1 = With fries and can of soft drink

Meal 2 = With fries and bottles of beer

Budweiser 330ml - ABV 4.5%

Stella 330ml - ABV 4.8%

Corona 330ml - ABV 4.5%

All wraps are served with crispy lettuce, red onions & fresh tomatoes

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