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Indian Curry

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Note: Allergy notice

If you have an allergy that can harm your health please contact the restaurant directly to find out all ingredients that we use in all our products before you place your order

A tandoori is a barrel shaped open topped charcoal fried oven with clay walls. The dishes have been marinated in our special mixture then barbecued on skewers. Served with a seasonal salad & mint sauce

Served with a naan bread. It’s a medium strength dish but can be prepared to suit to your taste.

Served with vegetable curry. Beautiful combination of basmati rice and choice of your protein cooked with authentic herbs and spices, truly tasty dish may suit almost every kind of palate. Medium hot

Medium heat

All signature dishes Served with pilau rice

Succulent protein marinated in aromatic spice blend cooked with tomatoes flavoured gravy in authentic Indian spices, served on bed of basmati rice

Extra Curry Sauce

Any curry sauce can be made upon request

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