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Indian Curry

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Note: Some dishes may contain nuts, Dairy products or Gluten Please inform our staff of any allergic when placing your order W : Wheat, D : Dairy, C: Crustaceans

We provide all type of vegetarian dishes. also have vegan options which are getting more popular day by day. we use glueten free oil on cooking.

Persian/ North Indian origin. Stir fried with basmati rice. Mild & aromatic, served with vegetable curry

With gravy

Very mild


Medium Hot

Fairly Hot, (Sweet & sour with lentils)

Fairly Hot, (Sweet & sour with lentils)

With coconut, hot

Fairly hot

Very Hot

Extremely Hot

Marinated and grilled, cooked in a spicy creamy sauce

Baltistan dishes made with a delicious tangy paste.

Medium dish cooked with spinach

Cooked with tomatoes, onion, garlic and herbs.

Fairly hot dish with green chillies, tomato, green pepper and mixed herbs.

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