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Tandoori Specialities

A dish well known in the valley of Indus. Made with cubes of onion, green pepper, tomatoes & coriander. Medium spiced, thick sauce

Highly recommended by the chef. These are spice dishes individually prepared with fresh ingredients & thoroughly blended mixtures of authentic spices. Balti are cooked in a balti pan, a fascinating utensil which locks in the aromatic flavour. Served with nan bread

Consists of basmati rice, fried, mixed with spices and herbs, garnished with sultans & almonds and served with a vegetable curry

7th century dish founded by the people of Bengal. Cooked with sliced onion, tomatoes, pepper, green chillies & fresh coriander. Fairly hot in thick sauce.

Vegetable Side Dishes

All these dishes are cooked in a low cholesterol vegetable oil and with finely chopped green pepper, with medium spice, without gravy

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