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Indian Curry

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Note: Experience the imperial pleasures of fine Indian dining in the comfort and

intimacy of your own home, living room or lounge which are instantly transformed

in to a banquet place filled with superior dishes prepared in an authentic, classic tradition

Mastererchefs ply their sacred art of blending fresh ingredients and creating timeless recipes

favourit dishes and fashion specials are carefully prepared for bringing the highest restaurant

standards of excellence to personal home dining.

City Spice offers the discerning gourmet true and original cuisine to take home from

a Royal Indian Supper to a Clay oven marinade. Private dining, Undisturbed and relaxed

it’s a Royal Tradition.

The Management

Allergy Awareness

Our dishes may contain nuts or dairy products, If you suffer from, any allergies, please enquire when ordering for full details.

Authentic & Contemporary Starters

Served with salad or without salad and mint sauce

Tandoori Specialities

Tandoori is a barrel shaped, open topped, charcoal fried oven with dry walls. The dishes have been marinated previously in our special mixtures, then barbecued on skewers, served with seasonal salad and mint sauce.

Authentic Indian Dishes

All dishes are cooked in a cast iron sylheti pan known as balti, cooked with fresh blended spices, fresh tomatoes, green peppers, onions & flavoured with green herbs. The strength of balti dishes can be prepared to suit to your taste.

Accompaniments & Sundries


Any side dishes can be prepared as a main dish for £6.50

A beautiful combination of basmati rice with tomatoes, cucumber. Served with vegetable curry. A truly tasty dish, may suit almost very kind of palate

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