City Grill

Kebab Pizza

4 Castle Street, Portchester, PO16 9PP

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Fresh dough pizza daily

Our pizzas are freshly made each day, using fresh dough, never frozen & the finest ingredients to ensure freshness each time

10" - regular (6 slices)

12" - large (8 slices)

14" - x-large (12 slices)

Deep pan - thick crust pizza baked in a deep pan to give a crispy crust outside & soft inside

Thin crust - thin & crispy dough base baked to give that extra crunch

FREE garlic & herb dip with every pizza

Extra toppings & stuffed crust are available

Served with salad & sauce

Add rice to your kebabs for £2.00 extra

Served with salad & sauce

Served with salad & sauce

Add cheese to your burgers for 20p extra

Extra toppings are available

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