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10 Hanover Street, Keighley, Bradford, BD21 3QJ

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Note: Important notice: allergen sensitivity - please note that the majority of our ice cream flavours, products, toppings and pastries contain eggs and some contain the following allergens: gluten, soy-beans, sesame, sunflower, milk, nuts (or nut based ingredients) and peanuts. If you would like any further information on this, please contact a member of staff prior to the consumption of any of our products.

Our popular Donner is high quality and not like the rest!

Our pizza dough is handmade with our own coco special Pizza sauce and fresh toppings!

Premium signature shakes made whippy ice cream!

All our waffles are made fresh instore!

All cookie dough’s are served with 1 scoop of vanilla Ice-cream. Replace with any gelato for 50p extra. Additional scoops of any ice-cream £1.00 each.

All items contain Traces of Nuts and Dairy Products. None are Gluten Free.

Served with custard or ice cream

The custard is poured onto the pudding. The ice cream you can have with the puddings is 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream.

All mocktails are non-alcoholic drinks

Gelato Ice Cream Scoop

Freshly made chocolate Chip cookies with a choice of sauces

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