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South Indian Curry

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South Indian Classic Redefined. Immerse Yourself In The Crispness Of Our Golden Dosa, Expertly Crafted From A Blend Of Fcrmcntcd Ricc And Urad Dal. Inside Awaits A Symphony Of Flavours With A Spiced Potato Filling That Perfectly Complements The Dosa's Delicate Crunch And There Are Different Choices Of Your Choice.

Thin Layers of Flaky Porotta Are Rolled And Encased In A Fragrant Muslin Cloth, Then Gently Stcamcd To Create A Unique Pillow Like Texture Bursting With Flavours of Your Choice.

The Dish Rooted In Tradition Captures The Essence Of Kerala's Culinary Heritage Where Immerse Your Scnscs In The Creamy Goodness of Tapioca (Cassava Root Vegetable) Perfectly Paired With A Coconut - Rich Accompaniment.

Experience A Culinary Symphony With our Kappa Biriyani Where Tender Tapioca Meets The Aromatic Allure Biriyani Spices. A Fusion of Tradition And Innovation, This Dish Promises A Unique And Satisfying Journey For Your Taste Buds With your Choices.

The South Indian Biriyani Corncr Every Grain Of Rice Is Infused The Rich Flavours Of The South, Immerse Yourself In The Aromatic Allure Of Our Biriyanis Expertly Crafted With Fragrant Spices, Succulent Meat Choice.

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