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  • Breakfasts
  • Dinners
  • Jacket Potatoes
  • Omelettes
  • Summer Deal - Plated Salads
  • Cold Sandwiches
  • Hot Sandwiches
  • Toasted Sandwiches
  • Roast Dinner Sandwiches
  • Cheese Melt Toasties or Make Your Own
  • Cream Tea
  • Cakes
  • Beverages


  • Small Breakfast

    One pork sausage, one bacon, one egg Heinz beans, one toast


  • Full Breakfast

    Two pork sausages, two bacon, one egg, Heinz beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, one toast


  • Veggie Healthy Breakfast

    Mushrooms, two eggs, Heinz beans, tomatoes, one toast


  • Breakfast Feast

    Two pork sausages, two bacon, two eggs, mushrooms, Heinz beans, tomatoes, two harsh brown, two black pudding, two toast



  • Roast Chicken Leg Dinner

    One chicken leg, served with creamy mashed potatoes, roast potato, seasonal vegetables and gravy


  • Roast Pork Dinner

    Slices of pork loin tender, served with stuffings, creamy mashed potatoes, roast potato, seasonal vegetables and gravy


  • Roast Pork Belly Dinner

    Long strip of pork belly, served with creamy mashed potatoes, roast potato, seasonal vegetables and gravy


  • Roast Gammon Dinner

    Slices of unsmoked gammon, served with one fried egg, pineapple chunks creamy mashed potatoes and peas


  • Sausage and Mash Dinner

    Three pork sausages, served with creamy mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and gravy


  • Liver & Onions Dinner

    Served with creamy mashed potatoes


  • Faggots Dinner

    Served with creamy mashed potatoes, peas and gravy


  • Shepherds Pie Dinner

    Served with seasonal vegetables and gravy


  • Cottage Pie Dinner

    Served with seasonal vegetables and gravy


  • Cheesy Pie Dinner

    Served with Heinz beans and grilled tomatos


Jacket Potatoes

  • Cheese Jacket Potato


  • Beans Only Jacket Potato


  • Egg Mayo Jacket Potato


  • Prawn Cocktail Jacket Potato


  • Tuna Mayo Jacket Potato



  • Freshly Home-Made Omelette

    Served with fresh garden salads


Summer Deal - Plated Salads

  • Pork Pie Plated Salad


  • Ham Plated Salad


  • Cheese Plated Salad


  • Tuna Sweet Corn and Peach Plated Salad


Cold Sandwiches

  • Cheese with Chutney Cold Sandwich


  • Honey Roast Ham Cold Sandwich


  • Prawn Cocktail Cold Sandwich


  • Egg Mayo Cold Sandwich


  • Tuna Mayo Cold Sandwich


  • Ham & Cheese Sandwich


Hot Sandwiches

  • Bacons Sausages Hot Sandwiches


  • BEST Hot Sandwich

    Two sausages, two bacons, one egg and a portion of peeled tomatoes


Toasted Sandwiches

  • Prawn Toastie

    Prawns in seafood sauce topped with lettuce & tomato


  • Haloumi Cheese Toasted Sandwich

    Toasted haloumi cheese topped with lettuce, tomato & mayo


  • Toasted BLT Sandwich

    Two bacons, tomato, lettuce & mayo


Roast Dinner Sandwiches

  • Hot Pork Roast Dinner Sandwich

    Roast pork, stuffing and gravy


  • Roast Chicken Dinner Sandwich

    Roast chicken and gravy


  • Fish Fingers and Salads Dinner Sandwich


Cheese Melt Toasties or Make Your Own

  • Cheese Melt Toasties

    Cheese only


Cream Tea

  • One All Butter Scone Cream Tea

    Served with clotted cream and strawberry jam portions



  • Vanilla Sponge Cake


  • Coconut Sponge Cake


  • Coffee Sponge Cake


  • Lemon Drizzles Cake



  • Coke Can 330ml


  • Diet Coke Can 330ml


  • 7Up Can 330ml


  • 7Up Free Can 330ml


  • Tango Orange Can 330ml


  • Evian Bottle 500ml


  • Yazoo Strawberry 400ml


  • Yazoo Banana 400ml


  • Sanpelligrino Orange Can 330ml


  • Sanpelligrino Lemon Can 330ml


  • Mango Flavoured Sparkling Water 500ml


  • English Tea 300ml


  • Decaf English Tea 300ml


  • Americano 300ml


  • Decaf Americano 300ml


  • Flat White 250ml

    from £2.10

  • Latte 250ml

    from £2.10

  • Cappuccino 250ml

    from £2.10

  • Hot Chocolate 250ml


  • Mocha 250ml



Monday 25 March 2024
I ordered 4 x cheese jacket potatoes with extra fillings and there was no cheese on any of them. There was hardly any butter and the potatoes were dry and hard
Saturday 06 January 2024
No has browns added extras on either breakfast, but food was lovely
Saturday 19 August 2023
Friday 04 August 2023
Cheese and pot pie was amazing! Sandwiches were also fab and everything was red hot
Wednesday 19 April 2023
Sunday 19 March 2023
Wednesday 16 November 2022
Lovely baked potato and fresh salad. My food came quickly and was well packaged :) 10/10
Saturday 24 September 2022
Cornerstone Cafe and Tearoom replied
Hi Rachel First thanks for being customer of ours! We are sorry for your experience although we don’t know what went wrong for that order but your satisfaction is paramount! Please accept our sincere apologies. The cook has since left and we will continue with good quality ingredients and make sure all our food remains high standard at all times! Thank you again
Saturday 20 August 2022
Ham sandwich advertised with salad and crisps which it didn't have. Chicken and gravy sandwich had no gravy. The added mushrooms to the omelette were just put on top of the omelette not in it. Ham and cheese toastie had no ham. Cakes were lovely though. Won't be returning unfortunately.
Cornerstone Cafe and Tearoom replied
Hi Andrew sorry for the delayed reply. We are so sorry for the issues you have mentioned here! We apologise for your dissatisfaction when you ordered from us. I will reflect this incident with all the staff and cooks to make sure we maintain our food standards at all times. We care a lot about our business and will work on this for sure. The cook has since left and we have confidence in our current team. Thanks for your feedback we appreciate it. Jenny @management team
Wednesday 10 August 2022
Absolutely lovely food, very fresh and tasty. Will definitely order from here again.

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Traditional English/British fayre from Cornerstone Cafe and Tearoom takes a lot of beating, so we know you'll find something appetising to please your palate from their menu. After you have eaten, we'd love to get your feedback on our food and service at

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