Creperie Cila

Crepes Desserts

111 Northfield Avenue, London, W13 9QR

Delivery from Fri 08:35

Add a portion of chips for 2.50

Made with 3 free range eggs, comes with garnish or one piece of toast

Served with a portion of garlic bread

All dishes served with fries and salad

Choose your sauce: Barbeque or hot peri peri sauce

Served with a side salad

Served with a side salad

Served with a side salad

Wholesome fruits, no flavourings

Freshly made waffles to order, they all come with vanilla gelato

- Choose your base: milk tea or fruit tea

- Choose your flavour

- Choose your sugar level: no sugar, half sugar or full sugar

- Choose how you like it: half ice, half ice or sub-zero temperature.

- Add your topping-Tapioca or popping juice balls

- Enjoy

Thick shakes with your choice of candy

The fruit, the whole fruit, nothing but the fruit

Wholesome fruits, no flavourings

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