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Naga is short for the Naga Morich, which is a chilli pepper grown in Northeast India and Bangladesh. It is known as the sister chilli to the Bhut Jolokia, or Ghost Chilli. The items below are only for the spicy food lovers. Burgers come with lettuce, mayo and cheese. Wrap contains lettuce and mayo. Please advise restaurant if you want this adjusted or more spicy!

All our burgers and wraps come with mayo, lettuce, and our own special sauce.

Indulge in our signature creation: a mouthwatering ensemble of in-house crafted loaded fries, generously smothered in velvety cheese sauce. Elevate your experience by selecting from succulent hand-tossed chicken or impeccably stir-fried donner, each meticulously prepared to order for unparalleled freshness and flavour.

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