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All our pizzas are based on cheese & tomato

All served with salad & sauce

All tandoori dishes are served with rice, fresh salad & a medium sauce to your own taste


Cooked with green peppers, fresh coriander, a touch of yoghurt & flavoured with special herbs & spices

Medium strength curry topped with a thick sauce made from tomatoes, onions, coriander & other special ingredients

Balti dishes are slightly spicier then medium hot & have a very rich sauce based on fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic & ginger

A bhuna dish entails making a separate double strength sauce thickened with tomato puree, garlic, fresh tomatoes, coriander & methi

The sauce in these dishes is not like ordinary curries, based on onions but on mango chutney & tomato puree, giving the dish a sweet & sour taste

Korma dishes are cooked in a very mild sauce. If customer prefer Punjabi OR Bombay style please ask

Various dishes are cooked with lentils & well seasoned with spices

A complete meal based on rice with a special blend of aromatic herbs & spices, served with a well seasoned vegetable sauce

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