Curry Garden

Indian Curry

507 Wells Road, Bristol, BS14 9AL

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A combination of extra spiced dishes using onion, tomato, capsicum, methi, coriander, bay leaves and mixed garam masala.

Decorated with sliced egg, cucumber and tomato, served with mixed vegetable curry.


Specially prepared with lots of fresh onions, coriander, bay leaves, cinnamon and garam masala in a thick sauce.

Served with French fries, tomatoes and peas

All curry dishes do not include rice


The fine flavours and aromas are enchanced by our special marination  in herbs and spices to enrich each Balti.

Medium dry spicy dish, similar to Bhuna dish, with extra tomato topping in a thick sauce.

Lightly spiced, medium, served with salad

Cooked in the tandoori clay oven over flaming charcoal, the dishes are marinated in yoghurt and special masala spices, served with salad.


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