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Indian Curry Halal

32 Queen Street, Horsham, RH13 5AF

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Tandoori dishes are firstly marinated in spices and then grilled in clay oven (known as the tandoor) each meat is served with green salad and mint yoghurt sauce.

A medium dish consisting of Basmati Rice cooked together with Meat, Chicken or Prawn, flaked fresh Tomatoes and cucumber, served with a vegetable curry.

Tender chicken or lamb cooked with shallots, peppers, tomato, and onion in a section of medium species and fresh herbs

Sweet, sour and slightly hot dishes, cooked with Lentils and selected spices giving a unique flavour

Cooked with herbs and selected spices giving a distinct flavour, a sweet, sour and hot dish

Cooked with sliced onions, green peppers and garnished with fresh coriander

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