Curry King

Curry Fish & Chips

28 Main Street Dreghorn, Irvine, KA11 4AH

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All starters served with sauce & salad if required

All served with curry sauce, rice & salad

Chips or naan or rice is included

The following curries do not include rice or naan

All biryani are served with curry sauce. Cooked in basmati rice & garnished with special spices

Mild dish with fresh cream & coconut

Included rice or naan or chips

Rice or Naan or Chips Included

All meals comes with chips and a can of Either Irn Bru or Diet Irn Bru

Cheese on chips available for 50p extra.

All served with salad & sauce

Comes with chips & cheese. Served with salad & sauce

All served in a 12" box with sauce at the side

Comes with cheese, jalapenos & salsa sauce

Served with chips

All meals are served with chips & a can of Irn Bru

Extras are available

Served in pitta bread with salad & sauce, in tray

50p extra charge for separate sauce & salad

Cheese £1 extra

Extras are available

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