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Indian Curry

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Note: Allergy Advice: If you have a food allergy OR intolerance please speak to a member of staff about your requirements

All cooked in pan with our special masala sauce served with freshly make naan bread or chips (chips spice), salad and choice of sauce (garlic, chilli or mint sauce)

With nan or rice add 1.00 pound extra.

Cooked on a charcoal in a specially designed clay marinated in our own special spices and roasted on skewers served with a green salad & tandoori masala sauce.

All served with pilau rice or plain naan

All served with pilau rice or plain naan

Spicy. All served with pilau rice or plain naan

Hot and spicy. All served with pilau rice or plain naan

Medium. Tandoori masala has a thick sauce which is rich in aromatic spices and cream

Contains: Nuts

Prepared in almond and coconut based sauce with butter, cream

Contains: Nuts

Very mild. Prepared with basmati rice and coriander

Mild dishes. A well flavoured dish cooked in a slightly hot and spicy sauce to the achari taste the dish is cooked with lime and mango pickle

Medium. A semi dry dish originating from the mountainous state of balistan delicately spiced with a hint of coriander cooked with onion, green peppers and cumin

Mild dishes. A unique flavoured dish cooked in marinated tandoori sauce, green herbs, garlic and ginger garnished with coriander leaves

Spicy. A sizzling hot and spicy made from a kashmiri recipe with dominant flavours, stir fried onions, green peppers, coriander, fenugreek, onions and garam masala

Mild dishes. A new medium bhuna style dish with crushed cloves of garlic, spring onion, yoghurt and mixed peppers

Spicy. This spicy central indian dish contain chunk of onion and green peppers, coriander, spring onions, nathi and mixed green massala, cooked to your individual taste with or without green chillies to achieve a distinct flavour especially for you

With cheese naan

Served with chips

All chips served with chips spice, choice of sauce (garlic, mint,burger sauce or ketchup or mayonnaise) please mention

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