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Tandoori is an original Indian dish cooked in a clay oven above charcoal heat. Tandoori dishes are marinated in special herbs and spices. All tandoori dishes are accompanied with green salad and mint sauce

Traditionally originates from the K2 region and cooked in

a balti pan with main ingredients stir fried, before exotic

spices are added in a thick sauce, slightly tangy

in taste. Cooked medium or hot at your request.

Served with plain naan.

Most suitable for beginners, a delicate reparation of coconut, cream & spices producing a very mild but rich creamy texture

These dishes are of medium consistency, produced from a wide range of oriental spices giving a rich flavor

These dishes are fairly hot and produced from a wide range of oriental spices giving a rich flavour

Fairly hot, cooked with coconut

These dishes are very hot and produced from a wide range of spices giving a rich intense flavour

Cooked with onion, tomatoes and selected spices extensively treated to produce a dish of medium strength, spicy, one of the most tasteful dishes

Medium spiced, cooked with onions, green pepper selected spices in a medium dry thick sauce

A thoughly garnished dish, cooked Bhuna style  with spicy tomato and onion, very tasty dish

Medium spiced, cooked with spinach

A beautiful combination of various spices and lentils as its main ingredients producing a hot, sweet and sour taste.

A beautiful combination of various spices as its main ingredients producing a hot, sweet and sour taste.

Slightly mild with pineapple

Mild/Medium/Hot, please mention

Biryanis are cooked with basmati rice & served with mixed vegetable curry

Seasonal fresh vegetables

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