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All tandoori dishes are served with rice, salad and curry sauce

The translations of Balti is bucket. Our Balti dishes are prepared with a very careful use of achari pickle to give a beautiful taste

These dishes are prepared in a karahi (cast iron bowl), a very rich flavour is achieved by using fresh ginger, garlic, onions and green peppers (peppers can be left out is so desired)

These dishes are prepared by cooking the meat or vegetables in fried rice, served with separate sauce

Korma dishes are a traditional preparation which varies from one region to another in India. We offer authentically prepared various kormas each with its own distinct taste

These dishes are hot and made with rich spicy flavoured sauce

These are a combination of tandoori & karahi cooking. Any of these dishes below can be prepared in lamb at no extra cost. King Prawn £2.50 extra. (Tikka all breast of chicken)

All served with separate salad and sauce

Served with chips and sauce

Same container dishes

Available Sunday to Thursday 4pm-7pm

Chips included & salad

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