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Indian Curry

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Note: Allergy Awareness:

Some of our dishes may contain Nuts or Dairy product, if you suffer from any kind off allergies especially nuts, please consult with the manager before ordering.

Traditional made of clay, our tandoor has been purpose built for dishes that are marinated in a special mix of herbs & spices & barbecued over charcoal. Served with salad & mint sauce

Served with naan bread, whole spices are roasted & ground to create the most aromatic spice mixture, combined with fresh herbs. Such as coriander & mint to give the balti dish its distinctive taste

Fairly hot cooked with thick gravy

Served with pilau rice. Sweet, sour & fairly hot, cooked with lentils

Served with pilau rice. Sweet, sour & hot

Very mild & thick gravy cooked with cream

A medium spicy dish which consists of basmati rice treated together with meat. Chicken or vegetable. Served with a vegetable curry

All served with chips & tomatoes

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