Curry Supreme

Indian Curry Halal

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Note: Please note: All dishes can be prepared at a higher strength for a nominal higher charge

Allergy awareness: A few of our dishes may contain nuts or dairy product

If you suffer from an allergy, please inquire with your waiter for full details

If you require any item not on the menu, please ask, as we may be able to help

Tandoori Specialities

All preparations are marinated in yoghurt with special herbs & spices, served with green salad & mint sauce.

Chef's Specialities (Mild)

Curry Supreme Specialities

Madras Curry (Fairly Hot)

Cooked with tomato, potatoes & boiled egg

Cooked with pineapple pieces

Cooked with pineapple & banana pieces

Served with omelette dressing

Cooked with extra fried tomatoes

Cooked with spinach

Cooked with fenugreek

Cooked in a thick sauce with special spices

Your choice, as below, prepared with subtle spices & cooked with aromatic pilau rice. Served with separate Biriyani sauce

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