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Note: Allergy Awareness: Few of our dishes may contain dairy products. If you suffer from food allergies please mention it when ordering

Exotic Tandoori Dishes

These dishes are marinated in yoghurt & a special selection of herbs & spices then cooked in an open topped clay oven fried by charcoal giving the unique flavour to these dishes

Curry Zest Specialities

These popular dishes are cooked in tandoori sauce to give a unique delicate flavour

Balti is a traditional North Indian dish. These dishes are freshly cooked & specially prepared in a medium flavoured balti sauce


Biryani cooked with basmati rice & a special blend of spices served with vegetable curry

Medium spicy with herbs & spices


Medium with herbs & spices. Medium gravy


A well spiced classic curry cooked in a tomato based sauce

Fairly hot to taste

A very hot dish from Goa, cooked with potatoes

Very hot

This dish is cooked with fresh cream, coconut & almond powder to produce a very mid dish

Very mild

Hot, sweet & sour curry originating from Persia


An elegant dish cooked with whole spices, fried onion & green peppers. Medium hot to taste

A medium hot dish cooked with fresh green herbs, tomatoes & served in a rich sauce

Medium hot

Cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, spring onions, tomatoes, green peppers, green chillies & spices

Fairly hot

This dish is cooked in a specially prepared hot, sweet & sour sauce with lentils, a delicacy which originated from ancient Persia


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