Curry Nites

Indian Curry Halal

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Note: Allergy: If you suffer from any food allergy or have a food intolerance, please let us know before you place your order.

Your choice of meats simmered in basmati rice with onions, pepper and flavoured with fragrant biryani spices. Served with a side dish of biryani sauce

Served with rice, the following dishes are available in a choice of;

Your choice of tandoori grills stir fried in our special spicy sauce mixture with onions, capsicum and coriander and served on a naan bread. Comes with a spiced yogurt dip and special formulated tamrind and mango chutney

Served with rice

These are ideal in complimenting your main choice of dishes. These are prepared from fresh vegetables, blended with herbs and spices. Also served as a main dish.

All Naan Breads Contain Egg and Milk

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