Curry Pot

Indian Curry Halal

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Note: Rice not included unless stated

All served with fresh salad & mint yoghurt dressing

These dishes are first spiced with freshly ground spices & marinated with your sauce then cooked exotically in a clay oven served with fresh salad & mint sauce

Very popular dish cooked with ground almond cumulated with fresh cream to make it mild

Rice not included

Rice not included

Rice not included

Cooked with basmati rice, almonds, sultanas & garnished with an egg omelette. Served with a rich vegetable sauce

(Highly Recommended)

(Fairly Hot Dish Cooked with Onion, Tomatoes & Capsicum. Garnished with Garlic.)

(Curry Pot Specialities)

Pilau Rice Included with All Curry Pot Specialities

All served with chips & green peas & salad

Cooked with a blend of spices including almonds & sultanas in a thick sweet creamy sauce.

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