Cyprus Garden

Pizza Kebab

14 The Pastures, Todwick, S26 1JH

Delivery from 17:30

Note: Orders from £20 you get a free 10” plaın garlıc bread (thıs ıs not ıncluded ıf a meal deal of any sort ıs ordered)

Orders över £25 they get a free 10” garlıc bread cheese (thıs ıs not ıncluded ıf the customer orders a meal deal of any kınd)

Orders över £28 they get a free 10” garlıc bread specıal. (Agaın not ıncluded If a meal deal ıs ordered of any kınd.

Note on offers: (a) Offers do not apply to meal deals. (b) Offers cannot be used in conjunction with each other

All our pizzas are served deep pan on fresh dough, with mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce & Italian herbs

All our kebabs are freshly prepared and served in a pitta and salad

With chips, salad and sauce

Served in aluminum tray with chips, cheese and your toppings

All burgers served with chips and salad & sauce

All served with chips & a drink

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