Da Nonna

Italian European

71 High Street Felling Central, Felling, NE10 9LU

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Note: Allergen Information

If you have any severe allergies, please let your server know when you order your food.

Important: Our food is cooked in vegetable oil produced from genetically modified soya. Our stock which is used in most sauces, is made from bouillon which contains celery & soya.

Coelliacs: All dishes are prepared in the same kitchen with risk of gluten exposure, so we do not recommend any dishes for customers with coeliac disease. We ask customers with gluten sensitivity should exercise judgment before ordering.

Vegetarians: We use gran moravia parmesan which is suitable for vegans & naturally lactose free. All other cheeses may use animal enzymes in production & so may not be suitable for all vegetarians. Please not that any deep-fried dishes may be cooked in the same fryer as fish products.

Homemade potato dumplings. Can be ordered as a starter or a main course

All risottos are prepared using onion, better & parmesan

Pasta dishes finished off in the oven

For kids up to 12 years old

All kids meals include a Fruitshoot drink and a choice of dip (barbecue, garlic or tomato)

All pizzas have a 12" base topped with homemade tomato sauce and 100% mozzarella cheese

Our meals are grilled to order and include a side order of your choice from the section below

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