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Indian Pizza

126 Holmlea Road, Glasgow, G44 4AW

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Note: Allergy awareness: A few of our dishes may contain nuts or dairy products. If you suffer from allergies then please enquire with the restaurant directly for full details

Served with sauce and salad

Served with chips, cheese, sauce and salad

Freshly baked in the oven and served with toppings

All burger meals are served with side chips and a can of soft drink

All these Italian dishes are topped with our special cheese mixture, baked in the oven and served with salad

All regular kebabs served with salad and sauce in pitta bread.

Large kebabs served with salad, separate tub of sauce and pitta bread.

King kebabs served with separate portion of salad, tub of sauce and separate naan bread

Extra tub of sauce for 50p extra

All calzones are served with salad and sauce, large calzones served with salad and sauce in 12" pizza box

Extra toppings are available

Create your own Pizza

All kids meals are served with chips and mini drink

Indian Speciality Dishes

Seafoods are not included with deals, offers & set meals

Biryani a rich dish made of basmati saffron fried rice with ginger, garlic, onion and green peppers

All served in same container

Freshly baked soft bread in clay oven with choice of toppings

Made from wheat flour and butter ghee, this is a soft, flaky baked which is available as follows;

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