Danny's Diner

Kebab Pizza

24 Laughton Road, Rotherham, S25 2PS

Delivery from 16:40

£2 delivery fee

£7 min. order

10 “ inches

All burgers are served with complimentary sachets of mayo and ketchup. All fries are sprinkled with Danny's special seasoning, add cheese to your burger chips for 70p extra. All burgers are 100 % beef and cooked on a charcoal grill served in a bun with fresh salad and fries.

All kebabs are served with salad and chilli sauce separately

All baguettes can be served with lettuce or mayo or left plain

All our wraps are served with fresh lettuce and crispy fresh fillet strips.

Can be made into meals for £1.50 extra - includes fries and any 330ml can from drinks section

All served with chips and 200ml fruit shoot - orange or blackcurrant

All our nachos are served with 3 side tubs of cheese sauce, jalapeños and salsa,

and also drizzled with Danny’s cheese sauce.

All our salads are drizzled in Danny’s cheese sauce, with your choice of topping.

All Grilled dishes are served with salad and chilli sauce separately, except for burgers.

We make our milkshakes with fresh milk and ice cream, with a choice of whipped cream.

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